Nathan @Chapman

Nathan will be a visiting professor at Chapman University (CA, USA) for the next three months, as part of the Scholar Exchange Agreement between Chapman University and CNRS. One of the goals is to develop new research lines with Uri Maoz and Aaron Schurger regarding the scientific study of consciousness.

New PhD student

We are happy to welcome Shiva Mahdian as a new PhD student working on the temporal dynamics of conscious experience with sEEG. Shiva is co-supervised by Michael Pereira at the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience. Welcome!

New funding

Thrilled to announce that we obtained an ERC consolidator grant! The project called volta seeks to determine how evidence accumulation defines the stream of consciousness using LFP, SUA, and voltammetry recordings. This, in awake, sleeping, and anaesthetized humans. We will be hiring 3 PhD students and 3 postdocs starting in 2025. You can already reach out if you have expertise in electrochemistry, signal processing, and consciousness research. More details soon!

New people

We are happy to welcome two new lab members! Perrine Porte is now a PhD student working on multisensory consciousness and metacognition. Jeanne Caron-Guyon is now a postdoc working on the neural correlates of consciousness during sleep. Welcome!

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Nathan Faivre

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Jeanne Caron-Guyon

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Dorian Goueytes

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Shiva Mahdian

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Ramla Msheik

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Perrine Porte

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François Stockart

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Recent Publications

(2023). Towards a common conceptual space for metacognition in perception and memory. Nature Reviews Psychology.

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(2023). Robotically-induced auditory-verbal hallucinations: combining self-monitoring and strong perceptual priors. Psychological Medicine.

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(2023). A functional overlap between evidence accumulation, confidence, and changes of mind in the human cortex. Open Science Framework.

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(2023). Confidence in visual detection, familiarity and recollection judgements is preserved in schizophrenia spectrum disorder. Schizophrenia.

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