The confidence database


Understanding how people rate their confidence is critical for characterizing a wide range of perceptual, memory, motor, and cognitive processes. However, progress has been slowed by the difficulty of collecting new data and the unavailability of existing data. To address this issue, we created a large database of confidence studies spanning a broad set of paradigms, participant populations, and fields of study. The data from each study are structured in a common, easy-to-use format that can be easily imported and analyzed in a variety of software packages. Each dataset is further accompanied by an explanation regarding the nature of the collected data. At the time of publication, the confidence database (available at contained 145 datasets with data from over 8,700 participants and almost 4 million trials. The database will remain open for new submissions indefinitely and is expected to continue to grow. This large collection of data will enable new discoveries and can serve as a blueprint for similar databases in related fields.

Nature Human Behavior