Jeanne Caron-Guyon

postdoctoral fellow

LPNC Grenoble

Jeanne Caron-Guyon joined the team as a postdoctoral research fellow to study perceptual consciousness during sleep using stereotactic electroencephalography.

Her previous work evaluated the perception and cerebral processing of multisensory motion perception in both rats and humans, and in healthy and visually-impaired participants. For rat experiments she used electrophysiological unit recordings and voltage-sensitive dye imaging, and in humans psychophysics and fMRI. To understand the processes underlying motion perception, she combined both univariate and multivariate decoding techniques (neuronal and MVPA).

She defended her PhD in December 2020 entitled « Towards a unified coding of motion across the senses : study of the neural bases of multisensory integration from rodents to humans », under the supervision of Dr. Anne Kavounoudias and Dr. Nicolas Catz. She then obtained a IN-WBI excellence grant to join Olivier Collignon’s lab in Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium for 2 years, where she studied audio-visual motion perception and the impact of early visual deprivation on visual motion perception in congenital bilateral cataract patients.