Audrey Kist

PhD student

LPNC Grenoble


Audrey got her master’s degree in Engineering at ICAM Engineering School in Toulouse, France. She also spent one year at the Politecnico in Milan, Italy. Her end of studies project is about data processing and interpolation in C/C++.

She spent 2 years as an IT analyst at Thales Alenia Space, then joined EDF as a control systems engineer, working in France, Germany and French Guiana. She is also a co-founder of AMASAI, a consulting practice for ethical uses of data science and artificial intelligence technologies.

After a Master degree in Cognitive Sciences at Phelma Engineering School, Audrey is now a PhD student co-supervised by Nathan Faivre and Mircea Polosan. She investigates the subcortical correlates of first and second order consciousness using Deep Brain Stimulation.